Taxation can be a major cost to your business. We will work with you to minimise your tax and help you achieve your key objectives.
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We offer a full range of free, easy to use, online resources including tax facts, key dates, useful internet links and calculators.
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Tax and Audit

The Handley Accounting Adelaide and Port Adelaide compliance services cover all the things that are absolutely ESSENTIAL from your accountant: year-end accounts, corporation tax return, payroll, annual return and personal tax return. Where we are different to the majority of firms is that before your year-end has happened we will be on the phone to you, getting an understanding of where you are and then completing the accounts as soon after the year end as possible.

The reason for this?

We want you to be able to plan the payment months in advance. The quicker we complete the year end accounts, the sooner you know what your tax bill is.

We're the same with personal tax returns.

 When Handley Accounting began, we had numerous clients handing in their records in the month of October.  The positive was that we always finished the tax return on time, the negative was that often our clients had a tax bill and had days to pay it.

So if you are after a passive accountant who will let you go and not hold you accountable for obtaining your information – Handley Accounting is not for you!  If you are after an accountant who will take the lead on deadlines ensuring you know what your required to pay – we are for you.

Please select one of the services from the list below or contact Handley Accounting Services Adelaide and Port Adelaide to find out how we can help you.