Team taxation services

Team taxation services

A helpful way to add value to your employees. We will visit your offices and bring taxation services to your employees.

Handley Accounting Adelaide CBD and Port Adelaide will come to your offices and meet your team in one-on-one interviews to discuss their taxation requirements.
Team taxation services

How it works

A brief presentation

A senior accountant from Handley Accounting Adelaide and Port Adelaide will visit your premise at lunchtime (or another convenient time) and conduct a brief presentation for you and your team members, to introduce Handley Accounting and outline the services we offer. This presentation is conducted at no charge.

Scheduling appointments

We then organise a suitable day to come to your office and conduct the team tax interviews, booking time with each individual to conduct the interviews. We will then contact each person letting them know what they should bring to their interview.

One-on-one interviews

On the scheduled day a senior accountant will visit your workplace to conduct the tax interviews. We will require use of a small meeting room in order to maintain the privacy of your employees. Completion and lodgement: We will give priority to completing your staffs’ tax returns. If need be, we will communicate directly with the individuals at this stage, Once completed, the return will be lodged with the ATO ensuring a quick refund if one is due.


Our services are offered at discounted rates for these services. Companies/organisations may choose to make a contribution towards Handley Accounting’s fees for some key employees. In this case, the payments you make would be tax-deductible to the business and would be exempt from fringe benefits tax.

Our rates for each individual

Services Fee (excl .GST)

Completion of Standard return rate including:

  • Employment income
  • Interest dividends (up to 5 investments)
  • Work related expenses
  • Motor vehicle usage. Cents per Km
  • Donations
Additional interest/ dividends (per 5 investments ) $60
Rental property – annual summary provided $220
Business Schedule $330

To find out more

Our team of professionals can also offer ancillary services in other areas such as salary packaging. For all enquiries, call Handley Accounting and ask for Nicholas Handley or contact us and we will respond by sending you an email providing further information